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About Me

Lauren Dovin-Liu, M.Ed., M.S., CCC-SLP


Lauren Dovin-Liu was voted, "most creative" for her graduate school superlative. She loves art, gardening, and learning new crafts. Lauren is proudly neurotypical. While this has lead to her own challenges as a learner, she

thrives on mentorship and has been able to find success. 

Advocacy, perseverance, and mentorship are core components to the foundation of her personality.

Lauren is married and lives in Gaithersburg with her husband, Tim, and two wonderful children (ages 1 and 3 years). Her daughter, Violet, is an avid fan of dinosaurs; her son, Kingston, is a happy baby who loves his mum and is just learning how to walk.


Lauren knows first-hand how an initial diagnosis can impact families. Having had spent time in the ICU herself marked a moment of fear and uncertainty for their family. Her daughter Violet required a team of specialists (including an SLP and OT) to graduate NICU. As a result, Lauren understands the importance of empathy and connection in providing the best care for families facing life's challenges. 

Through her own life experience, Lauren has become an example of a parent who never gives up and a clinician who goes above and beyond to help her patients and their families. She knows that with the right support and guidance, children can achieve amazing things, and she is dedicated to helping families navigate their own unique journeys with compassion and grace. 


Mrs. Dovin-Liu is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in treating pediatric language disorders, articulation, autism, and literacy education. She earned her Masters of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Howard University, which provided her with a strong foundation in cultural and linguistic diversity. In addition, she completed her Master's of Education from Loyola University Maryland, where she was the only participant accepted into the Reading Specialist program with a background in speech-language pathology.


Before pursuing her graduate degrees, Mrs. Dovin-Liu earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the Pennsylvania State University. It was here that she discovered her “love of all things child development”. She has earned her minor in child development (i.e., Human Development and Family Studies) while completing her coursework in Rome. 


Mrs. Dovin-Liu has professional experience working in various settings, including schools, children's hospitals, and adult vocational programs. She has also gained international work experience in Europe and the Middle East.


With her diverse academic background and professional experience, Lauren is well-equipped to provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive care to her patients. Her expertise in speech and language pathology, as well as her training in literacy education, allow her to address a wide range of communication challenges and help her patients achieve their communication goals.


Currently, she is licensed to practice in the state of Maryland.

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