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Proud to be here to serve YOUR family!

Speech Therapy Services: We build our therapy approach based on each client’s learning style, educational environment (i.e., educators and support staff), and intercommunication skills in order to help each child reach their full potential. 

Disorders Treated: 

  • Language delays and disorders

  • Reading disorders

  • Phonological disorders 

  • Articulation (speech sound) disorders

  • Fluency disorders (stuttering)

  • Voice 

  • Social/pragmatic language disorders

We offer neurodiversity affirming support for autistic individuals and academic support across all ages. 

Appropriate and Accurate Documentation and Record Keeping:  We have extensive experience relating to special education compliance; IEP development and implementation. Our data tracking methodologies include: quarterly progress reports, daily notes, updated evaluations, and dynamic screenings. In addition, we have experience in the areas of special education advocacy; educational program evaluation; and ethics related to communication services in schools.

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