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Speech and Language Screenings


Why is a Pediatric Screening recommended for your child?

Screeners are one of the tools speech therapist use to help discover if there are areas of concern.


Many times, it is our first step in finding out if these concerns warrant further testing with a comprehensive evaluation. If an evaluation is not found to be necessary, therapist will still be able to provide caregivers with helpful suggestions.


As linguistic demands grow with the child, it is possible that therapists may suggest a re-screening in the future. 

What is a Pediatric Developmental Screening?

Our pediatric speech and language screenings are appropriate for children under the age of 6 and involve a therapist broadly and informally looking for age-appropriate skills. 


Our therapists will talk with parents and caregivers to address areas of concern. Screenings are primarily based on observation and parent report. Most screeners do not include standardized testing and are less detailed than a full evaluation.  


Our screenings are free of charge for our set specific childcare centers, last about fifteen minutes, and help determine if a full evaluation and therapy are needed.

Parents will have the opportunity to ask the therapist questions and learn how they can support their child’s development. Therapy cannot occur without a full evaluation.


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