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Why Literacy?

Words That Transform:

Speech Therapy and Reading

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Why it matters:

As a speech therapist specializing in literacy, our expertise is vital  in addressing speech-language disorders and supporting the need for reading intervention.


Let's explore some eye-opening statistics that highlight the importance of your work and the impact of language disorders on children and adults.

Language Disorders

Approximately 7-10% of children experience language disorders.

Academic implications:

  • 30-75% of children with language disorders may experience reading difficulties.


  • 60% of children with language disorders continue to experience difficulties in adulthood (Source: ASHA, NIDCD). 

Father and Son Playing
Mother and Child

Articulation Disorders

An estimated  2-25% of preschool-age children experience articulation disorders.

Academic implications:

  • Articulation disorders may negatively affect a child's phonological awareness, spelling, and reading skills.

  • Untreated articulation disorders can lead to decreased self-esteem and social isolation for children.

Early Intervention is Key

Early intervention can significantly improve a child's chances of academic success, reducing the need for remediation.


Join us in our mission to build confident communicators and nurture a love for literacy. Discover how our innovative approach to speech-language therapy  can transform lives, one word at a time.

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