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Our Mission


Building confidence in your communicator!

     Launchpad Literacy Network, LLC is dedicated to providing services for children through adolescents. We service clients from a variety of backgrounds that include: stuttering/fluency, speech sound disorders, language delays and disorders; voice, neurodiversity affirming social skills support, and reading disorders.


      We believe in being equipped with our specialities and will provide outside referrals that keep our children's best interest at heart. Since the start of Launchpad Literacy, we have used a combination of experience with evidence-based practices in order to provide our clients with high quality intervention supports. 


     Our mission as a company is to provide therapy services that consider the whole child and that emphasize a focus on their academic impact. Our aim is to provide patient-centered and culturally appropriate services in a way that helps all of our client families to feel more welcome, motivated, and supported in their journey to prosper.


     Our multidisciplinary team approach helps to combine literacy with speech-language pathology services in a unique way to help our clients reach their full academic potential. 

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