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About Us


If you are searching for speech therapy in Gaithersburg, Maryland and its surrounding areas we are happy to help!


We offer speech therapy for children through adolescence in the setting that works best for you and your child. Our services are provided a variety of ways whether it be in the comfort of your own home (including virtually) or at your child's school. Our aim is to make speech therapy as naturalistic as possible while offering convenience for your family.


Language and reading go hand-in-hand. Around 50% of children with a speech and/or language delay will need reading intervention at some point. At the heart of our practice, Launchpad Literacy Network works hard to provided pediatric speech therapy that specializes in language and literacy. 


We provide the following services: 

  • Screenings

  • Evaluations

  • Individualized speech therapy

  • Parent coaching

  • Professional collaboration  

  • Consultative services


As a family-centered business, we focus on providing our families with the support they need. 


From designing play-based therapy with the littles to being able to offer comprehensive literacy based therapy in a high school classroom, our unique background allows us to offer a range of flexibility in the way we deliver therapy


Collaboration between clinician, caregivers, and educators helps to improve our quality of services for continued progress. 

At Launchpad Literacy, we take a comprehensive approach because we understand how important it is to have the necessary skills to communicate effectively. 


We believe in providing services that address the whole child to help them thrive across all areas of their life. 

We'd love to hear from you! 

Contact us today for your free 15-minute phone or video consultation.

Now offering hybrid and tele-health services!

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Why Literacy?

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Lauren worked with me and my company, Little Sprout Speech, LLC to get her SLP-A license. She is a fantastic therapist, a team player and very knowledgable on all things as they related to childhood development, language and literacy. She is creative and the kids LOVE her! She is working toward getting her full SLP license and she knows we would love to have her return to working with us when she is done with her graduate program. I highly recommend Lauren as a therapist and asset to any team!

— Hallie Bulkin,

Owner & Founder

Little Sprout Speech, LLC

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